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Thu, Jun. 23rd, 2005, 10:52 am
Its perfect.

Breakingpins is distressed.
If it's not one thing, it's another. Your life is a pitiful wreck, and it's all you ever write about. Why don't you at least make up a happy story for once. Your friends would appreciate that.
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Fri, Aug. 6th, 2004, 03:32 am
today's agenda!

go to see Dad at cemetary...2years since he's past(WOW time fly's)
Alex and Me get Hair cut at Cost Cutter's.(YEY)
Buy Rabbit Diet food.(loves me bunnies!!)
Want to go to movies, but dont know if we'll have time...probaly, anyone else wanna go?(Charlie? Chris? I'll Pay!!!)
Um, i think thats it for tonight.
tomorrow; night quading with Alex, uncle bill, and the rest.Im alittle scared but i think it will be ok!
Tada, thats it!

Sun, Feb. 1st, 2004, 07:26 am
truely hurt

im done with all this shit. im not gonna write in here anymore, its really pointless and a waist of my time. so im done.

Thu, Jan. 8th, 2004, 07:41 am

well havent updated in awhile, maybe because i lead a very boring and unpronoun life(heh i dont know what that means but it sounds cool). um, new classes, wa hoo(sarcasim). here's my scedule
history-1st hour
spanish 2- 2nd hour
media tech.-3rd hour
lunch-4th hour
REC. SPORTS-5th hour
i might drop media tech. all depending on if i like the class and/or the work we do on the computers. So, yea i love rec. sports, alot. It really fun and our class is really small, like 16 people or sumthing. Yea we might get to go bowling and stuff, i LOVE bowling!! or golfing or something, that would be...fun, only if i get to drive the golf cart! wwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! ew ew! IM GOIN TO THE SN A OW GOING TO THE SN A OW, IM GOING THE THE SN A OW YEA!!! with alex and his family not this weekend but the next. aww im so excited. and my house is really really cold, sux, but i better get use to it...because...IM GOING TO THE SN A OW!!!!!! WAHOO!!!! um...yea...so Kyle, Abe, and Jason decided to play a "prank" on me today, but i didnt exactly see it very funny, at all. They decided to take MY keys, get in MY MOMS car(that i just happen to drive...everyday), start the car and move it over a house, yea not funny, not my car, i yelled and probably screamed a bit to. Yea....yea...yea...im talking to jakie about how i have no friends...except him and alex and rafa, and yea...im stuck home with nothing to do...cause... IM A LOSER BABY! sorry im bored and in a singing mood. well im gonna go now, buh bye

Fri, Dec. 26th, 2003, 11:30 am
merry late christmas

Well, i had an...interesting christmas, i got alot of good stuff and alot of money i think all together i got, $300.00 with all the gift cards and cash put together. But at the end of the night I didnt have a ATM card...some stupid guy at Jack in the Box dicided to take my purse in the bathroom and take the card my grandpa gave me that had a cahier's check 4 $25.00 and my ATM card.We caught him to, but he took off so we called the police and they havent found him but i put a stop on my card right away...so hopefully they catch the mother fucker. So yea, me and my mom are going to the bank this morning and getting a new one or sumthing, i think, but i have to go do the dishes before we go, so i better go and i hope everyone had a great X-mas.
the stolen from one

Fri, Dec. 5th, 2003, 04:35 pm

im at work right now, and i have nothing to do...wow, im getting payed to do nothing...works for me.lol. Anyways...i have this huge essay i have to write in English and i dont feel like doing, well just because. I can not wait till Christmas break. I hate school. Cant wait till it's over. I know ive sadi that like 5 thousand times but i guess i just hate it alot. I went to the Dance Concert, Lyndsay and Rafa were in it. It was really good i think, tho last year we were sitting in the back and i couldnt see, cause i didnt have glasses the, and that night i lost really good pictures and Mr.Chaney found them and im just not going to get into that because it makes me mad. Im making my journal friends only after this entry because people have no lives and like to comment on journals form months ago and are to pussy to leave there name, heh, its kinda like their affraid..lol.

Tue, Nov. 11th, 2003, 09:39 am
time to write

well i havent updated in awhile, guess you could say its been kinda crazy. But that's another story. Mine and alex's 2 year was last thursday, we went to Dillions restraunt, and then to see the new Matrix movie that was out, which was awesome and i highly suggest anyone go see it. Anyways, um, yea i cant wait till Thanksgiving and Christmas, i love spending time with family. Hope i get to see some out of town family, which would be nice, wish i could go to MA, but thats just not gonna happen till this summer. Which i cant wait for. OH OH !!!!!! 1 FUCKING WEEK TILL THE NEW BLINK CD COMES OUT!!!! AAAAWWWWW! I cant wait, ive been waiting tooooooooooooo long! So yea i gtg and eat. sorry it was so short...

Tue, Oct. 21st, 2003, 10:18 am

HmHmmmm, well my mom had surgery yesterday, got her Galbladder out, if thats how you spell it. Um, she's been sore, which im sure she would be, she has like 4 or 5 big bandades on her tummy. Yea, so she'll be ok, just hurts, and hopefully the suregery will help with all the problems she's been having and stuff. Which is good, i guess things are starting to look up for us finally! YEY! Except my friend's problem...i dunno, i just cant seem to keep a good friend, but i wont go into that. This is about the good stuff today. I get to babysit by lil bro's, yey!!!!! im so excited, Austin is always making me laugh and Dylan is just so grown up for his age. Im so proud of Dylan, he take's dealing with my dad's death so grown up, shit I almost cry every night, well not lately, but i use to. Well I pretty sure he know's everything and he's just such a big kid about it, and i love him to death, i feel bad for being so mean to him when he was littler, i mean jeez I was such a bitch to him, and i feel like total shit when i think about it, but I try and make up for it now, yet he might not even remember when i was mean to him. But im not any more, i try to be as patient with him as possible, and it's easier now cause he acts so grown up, but he still act's like a kid to. OK, anyways, me and alex went and got our costumes at Party City last night, he got a mask and bloody skelly hand gloves, and i got a midnight priestess, i guess thats what it's called, I love it so much! It's all velvety and has gold trimming on the edges. So yea...were gonna go trick or treating w/ my lil bro's, if alex can get the night off, i hope he can, i'll be so sad if he cant. So yea , im gonna go to bed , cause im tired and yea...
Love Always,

Sun, Oct. 19th, 2003, 09:18 am
man oh man!!!

shit i just woke up, alex's called me to tell me that he doesnt get off till 1:00, so im gonna pick him up and then we're gonna go back to his house, then he has the work on his car, i dont know how long that will take, hopefully not very long...but after he's done all that we're going to party city to get our costumes, for halloween. YEY!!! So...i went to the mall w/ ashee last night, but we had to bring her sister, cause her parents were'nt home. Yea her sister was really annoying and loud, i wanted to slap her, but that would be bad. So, then we left about 8:00 and we stopped by Jack In The Crack to see if alex was still there, and i walked in and i didnt see him so, we left. Then we were going down the street and my phone rings, and it was alex, and he was still there, so i had to turn around and go back, then we picked him up and dropped him off at his house, and went back to ash's. Then we ordered pizza and watched Nip Tuck. So then i went home and went to bed. That was my day yesterday. I guess blink is going on tour, but of course not coming here, which really really sux. I want to see them god damnit!!!! ugh! well im gonna go eat food!

Thu, Oct. 9th, 2003, 09:13 am
i hate life to the fullest....

im gonna have like no friends in a couple of month's....my best friend's family has to sell there house or they're gonna get evicted. So yea she's like the only friend i have and its just not fair, why is it when i love someone or get close to them they have to go away somewhere, or die? I think im cursed...i cant take it anymore...im so sick of everything, except Alex, he keeps me sain. So yea, last night was full of drama at the Webb house...i dont know the whole story, but chris was mad cause matt was gonna drink one of his Gatorade's and then chris came outside where we all were and told his mom and then she said they werent his,which they weren't, but then chris said he was gonna kill him went inside and i dont know what happen next but i guess matt head butted chris and then chris got matt in a head lock, so that sucked, and Pam was yelling so loud we could hear her outside...so yea..pam was yelling for a good hour or so. So me and alex kinda just went in his room and fell asleep.Seriously, yes we were sleeping. So anyways..Me, Ashee, Alex, Vernny, And Matt are all going to the fair today, and im driving, i think i know how to get there...i think you just follow grand all the way down or, yea...but its gonna be packed, cause its the first day and it's only a $1 to get in and a $1 for each ride...so hopefully we'll have fun. Yea...so im gonna go eat. And ashley just called me, and i guess she told her parents that she was staying and and was at Shane's, but i called her house and left a message last night on her home phone...oops, she has to tell me these things...ugh i hope she can still go. That's gonna suck be pee-pee if she cant!!GTG!

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